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ark multiplier

Dez. Hello all, I dont have very much experience in hosting ark servers, but here i go, I changed my harvesting multiplier to x5 and its not changing. Dez. Da durch das permanente Evolution Event die Multiplier alle verdoppelt werden, müsste man sie ja auf seinem Server also halbieren um die. As the wiki says: no type given: Multiplier applied for each tamed level-up point. _Add: Multiplier immediately added for tamed dino. _Affinity: Multiplier applied if.

Sunday, October 18th , 7: Sunday, October 18th , Monday, October 19th , 4: Monday, October 19th , 9: Thursday, October 22nd , 3: Thursday, October 22nd , 9: To deactivate engine settings, navigate to ARK: SE and click deactivate, otherwise your custom game.

Thank you thank you thank you! You guys are awesome! Sunday, October 25th , 2: Which "server web interface" do you mean?

How can I access it? I do not find how to deactivate these settings. I would appreciate if anyone can help. Thursday, October 29th , 8: Hello giraflorens, please create a new thread, because this is allready old and the problem is sloved.

INI Oct 15th , 3: The examples provided here are split into multiple lines for space considerations. In the configuration file, an entry must be placed on a single line.

The first example specifies 50 player levels and 15 ascension levels. The second example when placed in the configuration file after the first example specifies 35 dinosaur levels.

This option must be repeated for each player level configured on the server; if there are 65 player levels available, this option should appear in the configuration file 65 times.

The first appearance of the option configures engram points for reaching level 1. The next one configures engram points for level 2, and so on all the way to the 65th appearance, which configures engram points for level Resource classnames can be found at Item IDs.

Functions in the same way as the global setting HarvestAmountMultiplier but for only the type of resource named on this line. Additional lines can be added with other resource types, such as Wood, Stone etc.

Dino classnames can be found on the Creature IDs page. Line breaks and spaces are here for better readability of the example.

Keep it as one line in your configuration file. Results in potential exploit for lowered crafting costs and may make structures unrepairable.

Limits the maximum allowed automated turrets including Plant Species X in a certain range. Configure the status and requirements for learning an engram.

For OverrideEngramEntries the EngramIndex argument is always required, for OverrideNamedEngramEntries the EngramClassName argument is always required; the rest are optional, but at least one must be provided in order for the option to have any effect.

The option may be repeated in Game. In the configuration file, an entry must be placed entirely on a single line. You cannot reference the same Spawn Entry in multiple lines and have them all take effect, even if the Entity ID or Spawn Class referenced is different between each line.

Does not prevent wanderers from entering said location. Customizes the spawning rate for a given dinosaur type at all dinosaur spawn points.

Types with a larger SpawnWeightMultiplier are selected more often when spawning new dinosaurs than types with lower multipliers.

For example, a SpawnLimitPercentage of 0. Multiple DinoSpawnWeightMultipliers entries can be specified in the file, but DinoNameTag values should not be repeated across multiple entries.

Changes the base stats of a player by multipling with the default value. Meaning the start stats of a new spawned character. Multiplier applied dependant on affinity.

Allows changing the amount of stats gained for each level. To nearly disable gaining stats use 0. And to make the torch require 3 raw meat and 2 cooked meat to craft because ya know, Meat Torches are the best torches!

Modify loot crate contents v The command line argument ClampItemStats need to be set to true for the clamping to be enabled on your server.

See Command Line Syntax. Weapon Damage Percent 4: Weapon Clip Ammo 5: For example, here are the values needed to have the same clamping as official servers for Armor and Weapon Damage Percent:.

This would clamp Saddles to This will permanently change the stats of any existing items so make sure to backup your current save before modifying and playing with the clamping values.

Players can be whitelisted as administrators on the server via their SteamID. These players can use cheat commands on the server automatically, as if they had authenticated themselves via the enablecheats command described below.

SteamIDs for all connected players can be listed in-game via the cheat ListPlayers command. Refer to the following section for details.

When this method is used, it is not necessary to specify a server administrator password. A password can still be specified, and can be used by players not on the whitelist to gain administrator privileges, but the server will function without it and will still automatically grant privileges to whitelisted administrators.

Currently only Survivors are allowed to travel TO ScorchedEarth they can not have any items on them , in order to keep it balanced for the time being.

However Alliances will not be retained, and will need to be re-setup on the other side. For Unofficial Servers , if they wish to allow dynamic Cross-ARK Travel, they will need to run two Servers on the same box from the same directory, and then you can launch with the following commandlines:.

Meanwhile, in singleplayer , you can just use the "ARK Tribute" option and then go back to the main menu and host on the other map, and download your data accordingly.

Adding 1 Giganotosaurus to the beach spawn area. Introduced in Patch Removing Trike and Pteros from the Beach.

Attribute default output 0 Health 1. Multiplier applied dependant on affinity attribute integer 0: Hyperthermal Insulation value integer The algorithm used appears to be the following: For example, here are the values needed to have the same clamping as official servers for Armor and Weapon Damage Percent: Retrieved 19 July Retrieved from " https: Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

Views View View source History. Wiki Skin Light skin Dark skin Switching skins. This page was last edited on 25 January , at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. Survival Evolved Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. When connecting to a server, this will cause most lights lamps to no longer function, even when powered and lit.

Servers can now allow from-the-air Supply Crates to appear on top of Structures, rather than being prevented by Structures. Set to true to allow to attach more than one C4 per dino.

Auto-destroy claimable decayed dinos on load, rather than have them remain around as Claimable. Set to true to allow more than one usage of Mindwipe Tonic per level.

Set to true to add item sets to supply crates, rather than overriding all their items. Set to true to dynamically increase the amount of items dropped.

Could potentially cause issues with Mods that alter spoiling time. See ItemStatClamps for more info. Official PvP servers one-time Clearance of all old unequipped items with the exception of blueprints, eatables, notes, and quest items , to ensure fairness after Item Duplication bug exploit.

You can directly override the language by using this commandline. List of currently supported language codes: The game is forced to use DX10 instead of DX11 by sm4.

This will reduce the graphics engine to a lesser version, reducing some graphics, but raising the framerate.

After two days real-time the pipes will auto-destroy if unconnected to any non-pipe directly or indirectly and no allied player is nearby.

Cause characters that have not moved or interacted within the KickIdlePlayersPeriod to be kicked. Use this to completely disable building in specific resource-rich areas, in particular setup on TheIsland around the major mountains.

Force Flyer dinos to be allowed into caves Flyers able to go into caves by default on custom maps. Set this parameter to true to let them still fly.

Launch with this command to destroy all wild creatures on a startup. Handy for automatic Tournament records…. Activates a per-tribe dino tame limit.

Number of seconds cooldown between allowed Dino re-uploads defaults to 0, set to on Official Servers which is 12 hours. Anti speedhack detection is now enabled by default — to disable it, use this server commandline Introduced in patch Eliminates the upcoming-Biome-change area wall effects as introduced in an unversioned addition of v Server player-move-physics optimization is now enabled by default improves perf — to disable it, use this server commandline Introduced in patch Fixed a savegame corruption case with large savegames: Lots of detailed sky features are disabled, such as clouds and starry night sky.

This decreases all of those but you can still have them. You still obtain the stars, the sun, and the moon.

This just helps you remove the sparkling stars that make you sightless at night. This could potentially have a small runtime performance impact, so to use the old method more RAM usage but no potential performance loss , launch with -nomemorybias.

If you want to use the old save format, launch with -oldsaveformat. Official PvE Servers use this option. If set, only unsnapped core structures will decay.

Allows you to override the default server difficulty level of 4 with 5 to match the new official server difficulty level.

Use this override if you want turret or spike structures to be buildable and functional on platform saddles. Use this to set how swim speed is multiplied by level spent in oxygen.

In both Single Player and Non-Dedicated Servers creatures in inactive zones are in hibernation instead of in stasis.

Use this option to prevent hibernation at the cost of performance and memory usage. Setting to true lets player characters re spawn without the wake up animation.

Set to true to allow building near supply drop points in PvE mode. Set to true to prevent dinosaurs from decaying while the Offline Raiding Prevention is active.

Set to true to prevent structure from decaying while the Offline Raiding Prevention is active. If specified, players must provide this password via the in-game console to gain access to administrator commands on the server.

Also used to log in via RCON. The game is forced to use Shader Model 4 instead of the Shader Model 5 as usual. Well, there is no much difference, the game still looks and feels the same, but you can obtain better performance Windows only?

AI Controllers to once again be destroyed on Stasis, too much memory overhead to keeping them around on large maps.

To do this, which you can only execute once after updating to v, run your server or game with this commandline. By default enemy structure destruction for the victim tribe is not displayed in the tribe Logs, set this to true to enable it.

All of your CPU cores will be used, if all of them are not being utilized after using this launch option, then try to disable it! This may be deprecated, as of It was also supposed to be added to all maps, but has never been clarified as to if this occurred.

Use this to forcefully enable it. Activate Web alarms when important things happen to a tribe, such as Tripwire Alarms going off and Babies being born.

See Web Notifications for details. Activate a whitelist only mode on the server that only lets players join if added to the allow list.

Specifies the order and which mods are loaded, ModIDs need to be comma seperated Introduced in patch Sets the maximum number of tamed Dinos on a Server, this is a global cap.

To use non-admin spectator, the server must specify a spectator password. Then any client can use these console commands: If set to True, allows building in caves when PvE mode is also enabled.

Server Option to allow Auto-Destroying Structures after sufficient "no nearby Tribe" time has passed defined as a multiplier of the Allow Claim period.

Useful for servers to clear off abandoned structures automatically over time if they wish Introduced in patch Enabling this will prevent tribes from creating Alliances Introduced in patch Use this to disable optional hitmarkers for ranged attacks Introduced in patch Use this to disable the Crosshair on your Server Introduced in patch Option to disable Dino Mate Boost Introduced in patch Enabled by default on official servers, this will force weekly respawns of dinos on all servers to prevent certain dino types like the Basilo and Spino from becoming depopulated on long running servers.

NOTE in some cases this may not work more than once Introduced in patch This option is mandatory and must be the first option specified on the command line.

A Mod map may have a different map name then here specified, check the modpage or contact the author of the mod for the exact name.

This option is mandatory for multiplayer servers. Disables PvP , enables PvE. Enables hardcore mode player characters revert to level 1 upon death.

Disable the gradual 7 days decay of player structures Introduced in patch Disable the gradual 7 days decay of dinosaur ownership.

Without this set to true, every dinosaur can be claimed by any player. Permit flying dinosaurs to pick up other dinosaurs and players when mounted by a player in PvE Introduced in patch Specifies the maximum number of structures that can be constructed within a certain currently hard-coded range.

Set to true to allow multiple platform floors. Specifies the maximum number of players that can play on the server simultaneously.

Specifies the scaling factor for the passage of time in the ARK, controlling how often day changes to night and night changes to day.

The default value 1 provides the same cycle speed as the singleplayer experience and the official public servers. Values lower than 1 slow down the cycle; higher values accelerate it.

Base time when value is 1 appears to be 1 minute real time equals approx. Specifies the scaling factor for the passage of time in the ARK during night time.

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New Single Player Game Settings Ark Survival Evovled Housatonic Profil anzeigen Beiträge anzeigen. Sam - Mar 31st , Habe ich gestern noch probiert. Please copy these numbers required: Please copy these numbers required:. Comments are owned by the Poster. Also habe ich im Webinterface noch mal 3x eingestellt, gespeichert und einen Restart gemacht. This setting will likely change how big the boost is. Da ich alles auf 3x gestellt habe sollte ich eigentlich 3 Steine bekommen. Das ist abhängig vom HarvestAmountMultiplier, es gibt auch Server bei denen man 20 oder 30 Steine bekommt, wenn man einen aufhebt. Increasing the interval would reduce the number of times they poops, you would want to decrease the interval lower number. Ursprünglich geschrieben von Housatonic:. Set to true to add item sets darts 180 supply crates, rather than overriding all their items. Survival Evolved Dedicated Server. I would appreciate if anyone can help. To use non-admin spectator, the server must specify a spectator password. The minimum value is 0. For example, Dinos do not craft, nor do they need water at this time. While all of these stat adjustments can be applied to players, wild dinos, and tamed dinos, not all of them affect dinos. Option for cooldown period on structure repair from the last time damaged. However, certain containers apply a multiplier to this value, making them last longer. Now we need to edit the Game. With these options live casino or online the configuration file, the server can usa wählen launched with a much shorter command line. In the configuration file, an entry must be placed entirely on a single line. Many items in-game spoil over time, em 2019 spiele heute is decay automat spielen book of ra kostenlos in an inventory or container. Higher values increase the recovery rate player characters heal faster.

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